Long straightfront-s-line 'Saphira'

The picture shows the straightfront S-Line corset 'Saphira', made of white jacquard woven silk with additional lace-trim at the upper edge, designed as an overbust-corset.


This corset is made with some specialties in shaping and positioning of the steel-rods, which are adjusted in the front like a Rococo-Corset.


The straight posture only results from the cut- and line-shape and integration of quite common steel-rods. Extra stiffeners to achieve compulsive force are not necessary. The pronunciation of the hip-area respectively the hip-waist ratio is created by the use of classic gussets at the hip.


To increase the wearing-comfort of this corset, the inner lining is made of silk


This model has been designed preliminary as part of a formal evening-gown, so garters have not been integrated.


As part of a formal evening-gown you can see it here in combination with a soft floa- ting black floor-length skirt and a plume-boa.


This model has been presented first time at the 16. Ball of 'Les Gracieues Modernes at Neuss (Germany)




Langes S-Line Korsett 'Saphira'
© Copyright Sabine Zieseniss