The charm and fascination of this theme can be seen first hand in the opportunity to shape the masculine body with desired feminine attributes. It is obviously self-explaining that on this background a long corset with cups and shoulder-straps gives some remarkable advantages versus a normal under- or overbust model. Additional with this corset-stile the most remarkable feminine attribute of a more or less accentuated waist-hip-ratio can be realized, as demonstrated with the presented pictures N° 1 to 5.

At this point I don't want to go too deep into details. If you want, please contact me.




Crossdressing Pic. 1DreamingPosing














































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Crossdressing_Pic.3Specifically in this segment it is very difficult to find open minded persons and to get their approval to show the adequate presenta- tions. Fortunately I found a small number only, but their pictures are very instructive. Therefore, I want here to express my 'best thanks' for the permission to those enthu- siasts, that I am allowed to present their pictures.










Alexander Waltz/Sabine Zieseniss