Rococo-corset (balleine)The pictures are presenting a rigid stiff Rococo Corset, manufactured with fabric of very costly and lavish golden brocade. It is an authentic replica of the top left shown historical original.


The original











The original corset contains approx. 200 bones for the stiffness, made of whalebone of different length, 2 mm width and 0,8 mm thickness each (approx. 5/64"x1/32"). They got replaced in the same quantity by thin spring steel elements, presenting similar characteristics concerning their weight, flexibility and ability to return into the same shape and position after bending. Of course, the length got adjusted accordingly to the wearers size.


Rococo-corset front-viewRococo-lacingRococo-corset (Details)










 The pictures are showing a full boned rigid stiff historical Rococo-Corset (Balleine) from gold-brocade. This corset is a detailed replica of the historical original.


To avoid pressure marks on the skin, the steel bones - as you can see with the picture - are fixed at top and lower end inside pockets, so called 'Zaddeln'. They avoid pressure-sore by chaffing at the waist very effectively. Additional the prick through effect gets minimized by suede inside the pockets, just as designed and manufactured with the original corset.

As with the original corset the border of the holes, through which the lacing strip runs, and the front-ornamentation are embroidered and stitched by hand. According to the lacing technique of the time the lacing-holes at the rear are staggered and not parallel as in modern corsets. This technique is the only authentic one and historically correct.

Full boned rococo-corset (balleine)
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