Observed under the view of historical corsets certain design-details of so called 'modern' corsets, under the aspects of economic manufacturing and standardization, got simplified or got completely lost. In contrary to that, new designing-details got added to modern corsets of today, which had been never asked in the past. The reason is that the corset of former times was never seen as a decorative, presentable part of a dress.

Spontaneously I like to refer here to the detail 'integration of bra-cups', used with modern designed corsets first time. But in reflection on the difficulties of standardization, the integration of bra-cups got preferred preliminary to bespoken taylored corsets.




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  Modern corset with cups

Just this detail of design is finally the reason that such a corset, made of specifically selected fine fabric or leather adapted to the complete dress, creates at least the character of an exclusive formal gown and becomes presentable to the society. Top names of the well known international accepted Haute-Couture makers are demonstrating this nearly every day.


Of course, bra-cups are the base for sufficient support of large breasts to create an accentuated bosom and customer-expected best fit of the complete corset.