The picture shows the corset 'Lotus', made of green luminating jacquard-woven silk with a pattern-design of original Lotus flowers. The corset is designed in a modified form with cups, but without shoulder-straps and a length-reduction in the back.

Characterizing in this variation is also the corset-extension of the back and the accentuation of the straight front.


As well known from former corset-descrip- tions, also this corset is not designed to implement special formed steel or extra heavy boning. So the expected and finally created silhouette is the result of the cut, the line shape and pattern-design again.


With the picture you see the corset 'Lotus' in combination with a floor-length black skirt as a formal evening-gown, presented first time at the 17.Ball of 'Les Gracieuses Modern' at Neuss (Germany)




S-Curve Corset 'Lotus'
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