Why should we take pattern from historical Corset-design to corsets of now-a-days?

This question seems to be surely quite prohibited for up-today designers and for customers too. Nevertheless, it is also evident that just details of historical corset-styles are able to fulfill different objectives for modern corsets.

Additional to an improved wearing-comfort and waist-reduction at the same time, historical corsets offer a pronounced optical fascination in so far, that they differ remarkable from 'modern corsets' and demonstrate with their seemingly "Old-Fashion-Design" an unexpected  certain pretension of  'Exclusivity'. This surprising claim can be demonstrated for instance with the well known 'Straightfront-S-Line-Corset' as well as with the 'S-Curve-Corset'. They are designed mostly as extra long corsets, covering parts of the derriere and create an unusual straight upright posture.

Also stays are getting more and more in the focus of female connoisseurs outside the scene of precise correct historically dressed corset-wearer (i.e. Rococo-Reenactors). The background might be that this fashion-style can be an excellent decision for wedding- or bridal-corsets, if adequate fabrics are selected. With a well-done adaptation to the general wedding-outfit, the (nearly) historical corset differs remarkable positive from other, often seen narrow or tight bodies of wedding gowns.


Viktorian corset
Viktorian corset


A Victorian-Corset demonstrates the top-design-style of historical corsets in general and is very indispensable from any other motivation- and performance-spectrum. Probably, the reason might be that for nearly all modern corsets old and outdated manufacturing-techniques and designing-standards of ancient centuries were reactivated and integratable with modern equipment of production. Unfortunately, it is also to be stated that this "old know-how" is often to much simplified. Sometimes, the simplification reaches down to nearly invisibility.

Such modifications of original design-characteristics of corsets, concerning for instance the epoch of Queen-Victoria, can be seen with its extreme complicate design to get the stiffening rods into the most effective position, and that in conjunction with a large variety of details.


Modern technologies of today allow participating and transferring this high-level ideas and significant line-shaping into well fitting modern corsets and create the characteristics of more 'Exclusivity', which differs remarkable from the mass of standard-corsets.