Differentation of Terms


Made to measure corsets

(Manufactured to standard-sizes with individual adaptation)


Nowadays  a large number of manufacturers are offering corsets made to your individual measurements. But mostly their products are not in every case really designed and made to the customers' individual measurements.
Very often, their offers are based on adapted 'Ready-made-to-measure' products, using standardized measurements with some considerations to the individual needs, i.e. length, underbust-width, waist-width, length and the ordered fashion-style. In this way, a corset appears as made to the customer's individual measurements, but in reality, it is a individualized standard product only. The customers individual silhouette and posture is out of focus.

Bespoken taylored corsets

In difference to the above described product, an individual bespoken taylored product integrates to the indispensible basic measurements, as waist size, hip-size, under-bust-width or length, additionally a lot of other measures including individual peculiarities like actual and expected posture, sensitive pressure-points, position of the lower rip-cage and individual wishes for trimming and details of decoration.

Lacie wears Corset-Samira


 Copyright Sabine Zieseniss

To optimize the fit of the designed cut-shape to the cus- tomers' body-shape, for minimum one corsetfit with a preliminarily manufactured corset is an absolute necessity.

Such an intermediate step in the manufacturing sequence is extreme helpful to achieve at least highest wearing-comfort and that the corset can be worm without any problems for a long-term period. Who wants to wear a corset for a long-term period, will decide at least for an bespoken taylored corset.







Lacie with S-Line- Corset 'Samira'

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For all those people which are thinking about extreme waist-reduction, continuous corset-training or wearing a S-Line-corset, a bespoken taylored corset is an absolute 'must'.

Under the aspect to know sufficient precisely what the 'Musts' and 'Wants' for your individual corset are, a Newbie can order also a bespoken taylored corset. But otherwise it can easily happen that you waist your money by an insufficient based decision. If you are a Newbie and have the whish for a well fitting corset, please contact me in before