men-corset 'Arnold' - front-viewThe left hand site photo shows the corset 'Arnold', designed for a gentleman. It is made of a black jacquard-woven cotton with white dots.






The inner layer is made of an extra strong twill (to absorb the expected lacing-power) and an additional two-layer lining (cotton at the inner site, silk at the top site).








men-corset 'Arnold' Back-view






















The design of this corset is made in such a way that on one hand a good shaping of the torso and an effective waist reduction are possible in parallel, on the other hand an uncomfortable squeezing of the stomach can be avoided.




The front-top-edge of the corset is above the nipples, so any chafe of this sensible area can be avoided.




Additional to a special sub-plan- chette at the front site, the corset is boned with 26 double-stays plus 4 steel-busks for the lacing-eyes at the rear site.




The total waist-reduction of the presented corset is 20 cm (8 inches).