TrainingscorsetThe starting-point for the design of this corset was a special request of a male-client, who asked for a corset with a certain, unusual range of size-variability plus the ability to achieve improved posture of the torso. The Corset should not be visible under the daily worn dress.






The result of my investigations was a corset similar to a vest and laceable at the front-side as well as at the rear side, as you can see at the picture left side down.






The lacing at the front-side enables the systematically and gradually pre-adjustment of the general size of the corset to train the waist for reduced circumference and the torso for improved up-right posture.




The final lacing, following the pre-adjustment, is done, as usual, at the rear-side of the corset.


Different rods in vertical as well as in horizontal direction stiffen the front-side for a powerful support of the torso. The advantage is that, independent from the increasing waist-reduction, sufficient space remains to avoid any squeezing of the stomach.





Rear-view (Trainingscorset)corset under clothes




Both pictures (right) demonstrate clearly that the corset is invisible underneath the daily worn dress.








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