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Corsets, designed for tightlacing, are subject of additional specific design- and manufacturing-details, because the body, which has to be formed by the corset and the forming corset, both have a high grade of mutual relationship to each other. Only an optimum on harmonizing conditions and excellent design will create the expected particular, pleasant, and continuous corseting results.

Moreover, all experiences I collected in the past, made me aware, that they have a significant influence to the wearing-comfort of those corset-models, which fulfil decorative purposes additionally. Additionally to the necessary conditions, physically of the wearer and technically of the corset, there should be two immaterial items to realize unusual corseting and extreme forming of body and waist:

Perseverance and time.

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Differentation of Terms


Made to measure corsets

(Manufactured to standard-sizes with individual adaptation)


Nowadays  a large number of manufacturers are offering corsets made to your individual measurements. But mostly their products are not in every case really designed and made to the customers' individual measurements.
Very often, their offers are based on adapted 'Ready-made-to-measure' products, using standardized measurements with some considerations to the individual needs, i.e. length, underbust-width, waist-width, length and the ordered fashion-style. In this way, a corset appears as made to the customer's individual measurements, but in reality, it is a individualized standard product only. The customers individual silhouette and posture is out of focus.

Bespoken taylored corsets

In difference to the above described product, an individual bespoken taylored product integrates to the indispensible basic measurements, as waist size, hip-size, under-bust-width or length, additionally a lot of other measures including individual peculiarities like actual and expected posture, sensitive pressure-points, position of the lower rip-cage and individual wishes for trimming and details of decoration.

Why should we take pattern from historical Corset-design to corsets of now-a-days?

This question seems to be surely quite prohibited for up-today designers and for customers too. Nevertheless, it is also evident that just details of historical corset-styles are able to fulfill different objectives for modern corsets.

Additional to an improved wearing-comfort and waist-reduction at the same time, historical corsets offer a pronounced optical fascination in so far, that they differ remarkable from 'modern corsets' and demonstrate with their seemingly "Old-Fashion-Design" an unexpected  certain pretension of  'Exclusivity'. This surprising claim can be demonstrated for instance with the well known 'Straightfront-S-Line-Corset' as well as with the 'S-Curve-Corset'. They are designed mostly as extra long corsets, covering parts of the derriere and create an unusual straight upright posture.

Also stays are getting more and more in the focus of female connoisseurs outside the scene of precise correct historically dressed corset-wearer (i.e. Rococo-Reenactors). The background might be that this fashion-style can be an excellent decision for wedding- or bridal-corsets, if adequate fabrics are selected. With a well-done adaptation to the general wedding-outfit, the (nearly) historical corset differs remarkable positive from other, often seen narrow or tight bodies of wedding gowns.


All corsets shown on these pages are available with the usual materials as silk, brocade, satin and leather or vinyl.

These materials are used specifically for the decorative layer, while the inner-layer of the corsets is made from heavy twill to support the body forming strength. If desired, an additional inner silken lining is possible also.

With the following pages, I like to get you familiar with the theme "Corset" under general aspects as well as under some special points of view, presenting corset-variations with different styles and proposals of fashionable variations and combinations to meet your wishes and expectations of your personal outfit.


Fashionable Corsets … laced corsets are en vogue in modern times


S-Line-Corset with Bolero-jacketDefinitively the corset lost its shadowy existence in the world of fetish and returned on the catwalks of modern fashion worldwide. Fashion oriented women wear corsets today as they wore it in the past, but today as well as lingerie or as an accessory on top of their outer gown.




Fashionweek Zagreb Pic.1Fashionweek Zagreb Pic.2








Fashionweek Zagreb

NuNu-Comp with corsets from The-ardent-collection


Similar to the Pret-a-porter shows of fashion-stars like Gaultier, Dolce & Gabana or Vivienne Westwood , the top-designer of the world-wide Haute-Couture Fashion  presents increasingly also modern corsetry as indispensable  part of formal gowns and as fashionable accessory to every ball-robe.

It seems, the corset got nowadays again, as it had been  in the past, nearly indispensable in the modern world of the femininity. In addition, if it is obviously invisible, the corset is secretly active. The created silhouette reveals and accentuates all attributes of modern femininity as bust, waist, and hip. With each fashion-session and each catwalk-presentation of new design-ideas, corsets are indispensable basic body-shapers and silhouette supporters.


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Following this general guideline, you can see at following pages multiple sketches and photos of fashionable up-to-date corsets. Additionally you can see also historically inspired corsets of the Rococo and Victorian period as well as tightlacing corsets, designed and manufactured to your individual measurements. The last one can be of the type "Long-S-Line-Corset or Ice-Cone-Corset or a variation of this "Long-Line-Style", made according to your personal wishes and needs.

Victorian CorsetMy design- and manufacturing-program contains all the needs and wants for admirer of Victorian wasp-waist-corsets, en vogue in the 19th century. Additionally I have the capability to create corsets with the exotic touch of erotic a la Moulin-Rouge or to fulfil dedicated individual expectations for your wedding dress or your bridesmaid-gowns.






Victorian corset




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