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Sabine Zieseniss

Sontraer Str. 17
36219 Cornberg-Rockensüß

Phone: 05650/921112
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To get familiar with the individual ideas and requirements it is necessary to have a consultation with the objective to evaluate the best solution for realization the expected goal.

Based on my experience such a consultation needs a certain time. To avoid any time-pressure for the participants, date and time should be fixed in advance for an appointment via email or phone.

If you decide for the recommended consultation you should know, that you visit a Corset-Studio and not a corset reseller shop. Nearly all the corsets I offer are manufactured according specific clients' measurements, so I can't present you corsets for a fitting. I am only able to present samples of completed corsets or pictures/drawings of them, e.g. S-line-, Ice-Cones or Wasp-waist-Corsets, documenting additionally different corset-styles and my personal way of designing and manufacturing them.

With the consultation you will get

  • Excellent expert advices, which corset-style fits best to you and your body and meets your requirements exactly or best
  • Expertly taken measurements of your body
  • Expert advices for fabric or other material to be used

Appointments can be arranged by

Phone: 05650/921112
Handy: 0173-9420713







article thumbnail Corset with Bra (Cups)

Opposite to conventional Overbust-Corsets corsets with cups (that means: with integrated bra) offer some clear advantages

Thus an integrated Bra offers the advantage, that a large bossom experiences the necessary support, while in case of a small bossom a 'Push-up'-effect can be made possible. Moreover a complete bust-simulation is also realizable.

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article thumbnail Hidden interests - Crossdressing, TV and Transgender

Sometimes men also like the feeling of beeing enclosed. Sometimes with, sometimes without urge for female body shape. The appeal of this issue results in the demonstration of a reinforced self-conciousness, but sometimes also to give feminine attributes to the masculine body.

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article thumbnailBodice or Rokoko-Corset (balleine)

The Bodice, also known as rococo-corset is a halfbust-corset. It usually formes the upper body rather than the waist and has its impact on the female chest. It raises the decollete but keeps it flat at the same time.

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article thumbnailVictorian halfbust-corset 'Heather'

The shown Halfbust-corset is a replica of a survived original corset, which was designed and manufactured around 1890. As usual in the 1890's, the original corset had been designed for whalebone stiffeners. Whalebone stiffeners are nowadays not any more available, so they were replaced by metal-rods and implemented into the replica accordingly.

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article thumbnailVictorian Corset 'Crystal'

Die Darstellung zeigt das Halbbrust-Korsett 'Crystal' im Viktorianischen Stil, welches im Schnitt und der Stangenführung einer Originalvorlage nachempfunden wurde.
Abweichend vom Original ist in dem dargestellten Korsett zur Ehöhung des Tragekomforts eine Unterplanchette eingearbeitet. 

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article thumbnailVictorian Corset at 1890 'Jasmin' (Corset-Replika)

The picture at the right shows a replica of a corset originated in the late 80th of the 19. century. The top-layer of this corset was made originally with fabric of black silken satin and the inner layer of light-weight cotton-gabardine.

The corset-model 'Jasmin' is a precise Remake in cut- and line-shape, down to the details.


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Decorative Layers

Silk, brocade, satin, leather and vinyl.

All corsets shown on these pages are available with the usual materials as silk, brocade, satin and leather or vinyl. These materials are used specifically for the decorative layer, while the inner-layer of the corsets is made from heavy twill to support the body forming strength. If desired, an additional inner silken lining is possible also.







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