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To get familiar with the individual ideas and requirements it is necessary to have a consultation with the objective to evaluate the best solution for realization the expected goal.

Based on my experience such a consultation needs a certain time. To avoid any time-pressure for the participants, date and time should be fixed in advance for an appointment via email or phone.

If you decide for the recommended consultation you should know, that you visit a Corset-Studio and not a corset reseller shop. Nearly all the corsets I offer are manufactured according specific clients' measurements, so I can't present you corsets for a fitting. I am only able to present samples of completed corsets or pictures/drawings of them, e.g. S-line-, Ice-Cones or Wasp-waist-Corsets, documenting additionally different corset-styles and my personal way of designing and manufacturing them.

With the consultation you will get

Appointments can be arranged by

Phone: 05650/921112
Handy: 0173-9420713