Bridal-corset 'Alexis'Wedding-corset 'Alexis'





















With the shown pictures you see a S-Line-Posture-Corset, designed as corset in the Empire-style with cups, made of a cream-colored brocade with Lurex-gold-filaments.

This corset has an emphasized S-form; planchette and front-closure-system is covered and according to the design and cut lightly adjusted to the body-shape.

Wedding-arrangement with corset












Sabine Zieseniss







With the third picture, the full arrangement of the gown is presented. You see the corset, a floor length 'Ecru-petticoat' and a trans- parent over-skirt, made of a slightly darker lace scarf, and a flounce plus a small 'bolero'-jacket.

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Skirt, flounce, and the bolero-jacket had been created and manufac- tured together with a tailoress.