Straightfront-corset 'Amber'






S-Curve Corset 'Amber'
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The picture beside shows the straightfront S-Line corset 'Amber', made of red silk, designed in a modified form of the classic S-line in the Princess-style.

Characteristic for this variation is the lengthened extra long rear part and the high bust 'Princess'-style for the cups.

The design gives sufficient space to the lower rips to allow easily breathing also in combination with tightlacing. In so far a pronounced waist to hip ratio is possible.

The silhouette of this corset is also not created by the implementation of extra shaped or extra strong stiffeners, but in the cut-and line-shape.

Also this corset-model 'Amber' got presented first time as formal evening-gown in combination with a long black skirt at the 16. Ball of 'Les Gracieues Modernes' at Neuss (Germany).


It got completed with a floor-length plume-collar overcoat